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2023 Health Center Survey Report:
The pandemic is over.
Where are health centers now?
The results are in: download the 2023 Health Center Survey Report
As the largest primary care network in the nation, community health centers play a critical role in the US healthcare system. Every day, they’re tasked with providing affordable, comprehensive care to over 29 million people in a complex, resource-constrained environment—made even more challenging by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, in a post-pandemic world, how can health centers address the needs of the moment while also looking to the future?

To answer this question, we asked health center leaders across the country to participate in our 2023 Health Center Survey. Spanning functional roles, community settings, organizational sizes, and geographies, 139 health center professionals offered us a glimpse into their current experiences. We’re eager to share the results and grateful to all who participated.
Why this survey?
Gathering valuable feedback from community health centers nationwide, the 2023 Health Center Survey was developed to:
  •  Shed light on current trends and emerging patterns in community health today
  •  Inspire elevated discussion among advocates of community health
  •  Establish a baseline against which to compare future survey results
The 2023 Health Center Survey Report consolidates participant feedback and shares key takeaways across issues such as:
  • How care type usage has changed compared to pre-pandemic levels
  • Top challenges health centers are facing today
  • The state of health center engagement in value-based contracting
  • The most critical capabilities and support needed when choosing partners or associations
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Where do health centers
stand post-pandemic?
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